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Information Technology Department

UCCS IT Password Change

Change the password for your UCCS account

Please complete the following password information
Old Password:
New Password:
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Verify password:
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This site will set your password for access to myUCCS Portal, Blackboard, Webmail, and IT Labs.
Password guidelines and recommendations:
  • If you don't know your UCCS username or password please use the account look up form at:
  • Your new password must be 8 or more characters long.
  • Your password cannot contain your first name, last name, or UCCS username.
  • You cannot reuse passwords that you have recently used for your UCCS password.
  • Use a password which uses all 3 of these requirements:
  • One or more uppercase letters
  • One or more lowercase letters
  • One or more numbers or special characters
  • (Some special characters are acceptable. However, many of these characters cause problems so we do not recommend using them. If you want to do so, do NOT use * @ # % & = : ; " ' ? / \ or a space.)

  • Your UCCS password will expire every 90 days. You may set your password using the change password option on a UCCS lab computer or by returning to the site.
  • For additional password information please see: Password Help
  • Only secure UCCS web sites in the UCCS.EDU or CU.EDU domain are authorized to ask for your UCCS username or password.

    For your security: Do not enter a UCCS username and password on a webpage that is not secure (beginning with https) or site with a server name that does not end in or

    Please report the URL of any other webpage that asks for your UCCS username and password to